How to double the space of your dorm room closet

How to double the space of your dorm room closet

July 10th, 2013

(Photo courtesy of Nordstrom)


(Photo courtesy of Bed, Bath and Beyond)

By Brittany Anas

Incoming freshmen, be braced. Your dorm room is the size of a closet. So, your closet, naturally, is reminiscent of your cubby hole in first grade.

There’s no need to sacrifice your style. You just need a few organization tactics and a little closet editing to make sure you’re bringing your best — and most practical — outfits to campus.

Here’s how to make your closet a whole lot bigger: 

Pop in an extra closet rod: You can instantly double your closet space by adding in a double hanging closet rod from Bed, Bath and Beyond. The rod is adjustable so it can fit your dorm-room closet and it holds up to 40 pounds.

Buy a hanging jewelry organizers: Clear plastic pouches in a hanging organizer will keep your jewels organized and be on display so you can remember what you’ve got. They individualized compartments also prevent your bracelets and necklaces from mysteriously tangling together around an earring stud in a knot that even the most Boy Scout won’t be able to untie for you. An organizer with an A-line dress silhouette is perfect. (Nordstrom, $20)

Get creative with your shoe storage: You’ll need a variety of shoes — pumps for a night out on the town, flats to traipse about campus and flip-flops to protect your tootsies in the communal showers. Instead of leaving your shoes strewn across your dorm room, get creative with the storage by using an over-the-door shoe rack or a revolving shoe rack from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Edit your closet: No matter how creative you get with your closet organization, you probably won’t be able to transfer your entire at-home closet to your dorm one. So, make sure you pack essentials. Break up your wardrobe into “varsity,” “junior varsity” and “freshman team.” Your varsity clothes get tons of playing time and are heavy in your wardrobe rotation. Those are the pieces you’ll want to put priority on and give prime closet space to. The junior varsity clothes have potential — but you wear them less. Pick a few pieces from this category and if it’s a piece you rarely wear — say a formal dress — stash it in an under-the-bed storage stowaway from Target. The Freshman C team clothes should stay home and available if you want to pick them up the next time you’re home on break.

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