Don’t miss a date with these 5 smart calendar apps

Don’t miss a date with these 5 smart calendar apps

July 16th, 2013

calBy Dan Kricke

If you’ve ever tried to explain that you missed a meeting “because you forgot about it,” you’ll know how poorly that excuse works. But, with the influx of smart calendar apps hitting the App Store, there’s even less cause to bust out that old chestnut. You simply have no reason to be late or forget of any important event anymore. Still not convinced? Check out these five smart calendar apps and see the light.

Cal (Free)

Cal is the newest of the smart calendar apps available for the iPhone but it might just be the best yet. The app connects with productivity software Any.Do to bring your calendar to life using pictures, maps and other data. If you add an address to an event, it populates with a map of that location. An ever evolving interface moves through the day alongside its user, so you’re always up to date on what needs to get done at that moment. Social integration within the app even allows you to send messages for birthdays and anniversaries right within Cal.

UpTo (Free)

UpTo features two levels of calendar integration by providing access to a wide range of public events as well as a way to privately plan activities with the people closest to you. You can follow streams that keep you up to date on events with your favorite sports teams, music or movie releases, but also hide events you’re not interested in viewing. UpTo also syncs with Google Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo and Facebook Events for a complete picture of your life. Events can also be shared with non-UpTo users.

Sunrise Calendar (Free)

Compatible with Google Calendar, Sunrise Calendar offers up the ability to quickly add events to your calendar and schedule reminders with just a few taps. It also has timezone support so there’s no confusion when you’re traveling. Sunrise also syncs up with Facebook events and birthdays so you’ll never forget to help someone celebrate your yearly milestone. Locations of events can be tagged and Google Maps can be used within the app to get directions to events. Sunrise even features a weather forecast for the location of your events.

Tempo Smart Calendar (Free)

Tempo Smart Calendar features a great system for messaging event attendees every way possible, from calling them to sending emails or texts. Users can even send a form email or text letting people know they’re running late. Tempo also supports conference call dialing by handling the passcode entry. Tempo assists with checking flight status, happy birthday greetings and getting directions and parking suggestions. Users can connect the app to Foursquare and Yelp and it supports Google Contacts, Microsoft Outlook Contacts and of course, iPhone Contacts.

Fantastical ($4.99)

Fantastical is the priciest of our calendar selections here but offers plenty of features to match its price. Users can dictate events into the app and Fantastical will take care of the scheduling. The app’s DayTicker also makes keeping track of a day’s events a breeze. Users can tap an event to see details, duplicate it or move it, and can even search to find a specific event they’re looking for. Facebook events can also be managed within the app and Fantastical also supports iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange and other calendar applications.

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