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Discover the many flavors of dark chocolate

July 13th, 2013

Dark chocolate is not just a single flavor. There is a range of flavors depending on the amount of cacao that is in the chocolate, and even from the same company, you can find differing strengths of dark chocolate. For instance, Chocolove has both rich and strong dark chocolate bars. Trying a variety of dark chocolates allows you to, like a wine connoisseur, learn the nuances of flavor of the chocolates and find your favors. Discover some of the dark chocolate flavors that you can taste below:

Chocolove Rich Dark Chocolate Bar — 3.2 oz Each / Pack of 2 includes slight fruity and subtle vanilla notes in the bittersweet chocolate but without fruit or any other additives to the chocolate. You just get the natural rich flavor that has these flavors in it. A pair of these bars sells for an average of $5.
Chocolove Strong Dark Chocolate Bar — 3.2 oz Each / Pack of 2 sell for up to $5 for two 3.2-ounce bars. These chocolate bars from Chocolove are made with a little bit of cocoa from the Caribbean, but the majority of the cocoa in the bars comes from Africa and crafted in a Belgian style to create these bittersweet bars.
Endangered Species Chocolate Extreme Dark Black Panther — 3 oz Each / Pack of 3 – Vegan uses no animal products and is Kosher, gluten free and fair trade. The chocolate from Endangered Species is for those who are ethically minded but still want good chocolate. It may cost up to $10 to buy three of these bars.
Fannie May Dark Chocolate Pixies use dark chocolate to cover a pecan and caramel center. Pixies are Fannie May’s most popular chocolate candy, and these dark chocolate versions of the candy retain the flavorful center while using bittersweet dark chocolate on the outside. You can usually find a box of these for up to $25.


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