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Deal with birds both wanted and unwanted

June 25th, 2013

Birds outdoors can be desirable song birds that add music to your yard or pests that eat the fruit and vegetables from your trees and garden. There are numerous products available to deal with both types of birds. You may want bird seed or a bird feeder to attract wild birds to your yard, but there are also bird repellent products that keep birds away from areas where they should not be. Learn more about some of your bird control or attracting options below:

Bird B Gone Bird Chase Super Sonic MMIB50 is a high-tech solution to pesky birds that roost over patios or steal food from your garden. This device emits various noises from predator birds, which will scare the unwanted birds away. You can expect to pay around $125 for this device.

Dalen Products Owl With Rotating Head is made to help gardeners who want to preserve their fruit tree harvest. The natural enemy of many songbirds is an owl, and this rotating head owl replicates the movement and appearance of a real owl, scaring away local birds. This owl sells for an average price of $30.

Harrison’s Bird Food High Potency Coarse 5 lb is a highly nutritious food that sells for around $37. Sometimes people will house their pet tropical birds like macaws and cockatoos outside in covered cages to allow the pets to get fresh air. This bird food is designed for those distinctive birds.

Avant Garden Marque Bird Feeder may be found for around $40. This bird feeder features a lantern design that can fit into any garden. Fill it with up to 2.75 pounds of birdseed for feeding your outdoor feathered friends.

Heritage Farms Absolute Bird Feeder w/Pole and Hanger, 7533 is a bird feeder that lets birds eat and keeps squirrels out. This house-shaped feeder sells for around $65.


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