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Cylinder style earplugs for hearing protection

June 13th, 2013

Earplugs can protect against noise induced hearing loss or it can be used as a simple item to block out noise. They can be used for professional use to protect against ultra loud noises or used for casual use around the house. While many people like the classic cone style when it comes to earplugs, a cylinder shape can be a great way to minimize the irritation that can come from prolonged earplug use.
The following are some cylinder style earplugs that can protect against hearing damage:
E-a-r 310-1060 Ear Plugs 29db w/o Cord reg pk30 3nhc5 comes in pillow packaging for each individual pair and 30 in each box. The cylinder style earplug is cordless and comes in a bright yellow color. The average retail price for a box is around $12.
3m 310-1009 Ear Plugs 30db w/o Cord reg pk200 3nhk8 are disposable singular use earplugs in a bright yellow color and cylinder shape. With 200 coming in each pack, this is a great product for professional use to ensure your employees are protected.
3m 310-1103 Ear Plugs 29db w/o Cord sml pk200 3nhj7 are disposable earplugs that have a self-adjusting property to ensure a snug fit. The average retail price for a box of 200 is around $55.
E-a-r 391-1002 Ear Plugs 30db w/o Cord reg pk500 3nhl1 come with 500 in a pack and has an average retail price of around $140. This cylinder shaped yellow earplug is cordless and has a noise reduction rating of 30dB.
3m 311-6000 Ear Plugs 31db w/o Cord univ pk200 3nha8 has a higher noise reduction rating than many earplug products. The polyurethane material is set in a bright yellow tone and is cylinder shaped. Not only does it contour to the natural shape of the ear canal but it allows for an irritation-free design.


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