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Cyber Monday deals abound — but be careful!

November 26th, 2012

Embarking on a Cyber Monday shopping excursion is a lot like embarking on any other adventure. You want to know where the treasure is and you need to know where the dangers are.

So here’s a short list to guide you.

Seek these:
Staples, up to 4% Cash Back (was 3%, for 1% Extra Cash Back)
-Up to 70% off during Staples’ Cyber Monday event
We understand that Staples’ Cyber Monday deals on desktops and cameras are particularly good.

Walmart, 6% Cash Back (was 1.5%, for 4.5% Extra Cash Back)
-Free shipping on eligible Top Toys

Roku, 3.5% Cash Back
-25% off Refurbished Rokus and Roku 2XS players

Avoid these:
Public wi-fi hot spots
-According to a McAfee study, more than half of Americans plan to use their cell phones for holiday shopping. Be aware that when you’re not using your own secured wi-fi connection, bad guys and gals might be collecting your data.

Offers that sound too good to be true
-One current scam, according to the Washington Post, involves a “Platinum Card for Cyber Monday” offer. Don’t click on it if it pops up on your screen – it will infect your device with malware.

Stealing time from your employer to shop
-Check out from work before you start cyber shopping, and be very, very careful before you click on a site. You wouldn’t want to infect your company’s computer system. One way to be safe, by the way, is to do your Cyber Monday shopping through  On lunch hour, of course.


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