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Cordless earplugs with a more contoured shape

June 13th, 2013

Earplugs can be a vital item for protecting against noise induced hearing loss when regularly using heavy machinery for work. However, it’s not just heavy machinery that can be damaging to hearing, whether it’s working around blasts in law enforcement or around loud music in the entertainment industry. Cordless earplugs allow for protection against hearing loss without the hindrance that can come from a sagging cord. Whether you’re trying to keep the earplugs hidden or just looking for a care-free design, take advantage of some cordless earplugs with a more contoured shape.
The following are some cordless earplugs with contouring features:
3m 318-1008 Ear Plugs 30db w/o Cord univ pk200 1vjy3 has a base cone shape with a more tapered form. The ribbing feature allows for a more contoured shape in the ear canal and the blue stem allows for a more hygienic method of inserting and removing.
3m 321-2100 Ear Plugs 25db w/o Cord univ pk100 3ax81 has a mushroom style head that is easily inserted and contoured to the ear canal. The blue stem has a thin design that broadens for a handle-like accent for ease-in-use.
3m 340-4001 Ear Plugs 25db w/o Cord univ pr 4t150 has a three tier ribbing accent on the cone head with an attached stem. The yellow plug accents the bright blue cord.
3m 340-8001 Ear Plugs 27db w/o Cord univ pk100 1mce1 has a yellow flanged plug and a noise reduction rating NRR of 27dB. The stem eliminates hand to ear contact for a more hygienic use and the slanted stem feature offers in use.
3M 318-1002 Ear Plugs Uncorded PU 28dB PK 200 has a dome shape set in a yellow polyurethane material. The noise reduction rating is 28dB and it is a bulk product sold with 200 in each box. The average retail price for this product is around $70.


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