5 cool gadgets your cat will love

5 cool gadgets your cat will love

June 11th, 2013

kittyBy Dan Kricke

When you’re playing with your iPad, do you ever stop and consider that perhaps your cat would like a gadget or two to enjoy, also? If you do, you’re in luck, because plenty of enterprising engineers have had similar thoughts, and there is a whole industry of cat-friendly gadgets for your feline friend. We’ve picked out five of our favorites below and we are sure your cat will love them.

Solar Powered Cat Tantalizer ($39.95)

For cat owners concerned about the environment, Hammacher Schlemmer has created an ingenious cat toy. It’s a cat tantalizer, designed to tease your cat by wagging small objects in front of it. And as an added plus, it is completely solar powered. The tantalizer can be hung from windows and glass doors and even the strongest tug from your cat won’t pull it down. The tantalizer uses the sun’s rays to move the mechanical joints back and forth, giving your cat a visibly moving target to “hunt” for hours on end. Thrifty shoppers will also get 6 percent Cash Back on their purchase– so act fast!

Frolicat Bolt Interactive Laser ($19.99)

Do you find it amusing when your cat chases laser pointers all over a room? If so, you’ll want to check out the Frolicat Bolt Interactive Laser. The Bolt has a number of random patterns that display a laser light all over your floors for your cat to chase. The laser sight is adjustable and the device can be automatically turned off after 15 minutes. For more doting cat owners, the laser’s manual mode lets you control the path of the laser without the need for the automatic guide. Grab this at Petco and get 8 percent Cash Back.

Loc8tor Pet ($99.95)

If you’re having trouble keeping an eye on your kitty, the Loc8tor Pet might come in handy. With a range of up to 400 feet, it’s great for keeping track of cats. The Loc8tor supports up to 4 tracking tags, in case you have multiple pets. The tracking guide tells you exactly where to find your pet and It even works through walls. It can be purchased from stores like Amazon.

Cat Scratch DJ ($29.99)

Music lovers will die when they see the Cat Scratch DJ. It’s a scratching post designed to look like a turntable. It even has a working posable arm on the deck. Cat Scratch DJ is easily assembled with no glue or tools. Think Geek has the deck along with a 3.5 percent Cash Back offer.

Eyenimal Digital Video Camera ($109.99)

Ever wonder what your cat sees as it walks around your house? With the Eyenimal Digital Video Camera you won’t have to wonder any longer. The camera comes with a 4GB built-in flash drive and 500mA Litium-Ion Battery, allowing it to capture images for up to two and a half hours. Videos can be transferred off the camera via USB cable. It only weighs 1.2 ounces, so your cat won’t even notice they’re wearing it. Get the camera from Pet360 and enjoy a savings of 4.5 percent Cash Back.

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