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Clean your pool like a pro with these tools

June 24th, 2013

Being able to clean out your pool is an important thing, whether for a business of for home use. Above pools and pools build in to the ground need to be taken care of, in order for it to continue to stay functional and to continue to use. There are plenty of tools that make the job easier than ever before, so you can trust that the water you swim in doesn’t smell, and doesn’t looks prestine.

Hayward Navigator Pool Vac Ultra White Pod Kit can go in pools that are both big and small, and is easy to set up. You can use this pool vacuum for public pools, pools at apartment complexes, or your own personal pool at home. 

Hayward Tigershark Automatic Pool Cleaner has a sensor that helps it to detect if there is high concentrations of “pollution” in the water, and if your chlorine level is too high. This highly rated pool cleaner has also been used by Olympic officials when cleaning the larger pools that champions have swam in. The Tigershark is a smart cleaner that can determine the space in which it has to clean, so you’ll know that your pool won’t have to be done again after you use it. 

Hayward Hose Connector is an additional part that you can use if any piece of your pool vacuum breaks down. This small piece of plastic is essential to have, and you can purchase this on many online retail sites for a very small price, usually around $ .82. This hose connector also helps you to connect two hoses together to take your reach farther and get the job done.  

Hayward AXV014FNP Pod shoes, cork, 4/pk are easy to remove, and easy to put on if your old shoes crack or are worn down. You can purchase a four pack online on various sites for $24.

Hayward Aqua Vac Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner is perfect for any size pool that is privately or publically owned. These smart pool cleaners are capable of moving on their own, without the help of a remote user monitoring it. It can clean the floor of pools, and calculates the size of the pool for a perfect performance every time.


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