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Where can you get the cheapest holiday lights?

December 2nd, 2013
If you're looking for just 20 feet of LED holiday lights, Target is your cheapest bet.

If you’re looking for just 20 feet of LED holiday lights, Target is your cheapest bet.

By Aimee Heckel

Let’s face it: Holiday lights are sort of like rentals. They may last a few uses, but you are going to need to replace them more often than you’d like.

One bulb goes out. The kids break a light. You cannot untangle them.

If it’s your year to restock, replenish or reclaim your holiday lights display, here are some of the best deals we could find on holiday lights — so you can save your money for the presents under the tree.

The baseline: Basic white LED lights, approximately 20 feet. Does not include taxes or shipping.

Target: $11.99 for just under 20 feet. Minus 5 percent off and free shipping with a Red card: $11.40. Minus 3 percent Cash Back from ShopAtHome.com. Of course, these percentages off save you increasingly more the more you buy. Grant estimated total: $11.06.

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Home Depot: $11.92 for 20-feet at Home Depot. No Cash Back option, so it’s more than Target. But if you buy the 66-foot spool for $27.98, it breaks down to $8.48 per 20-feet, making this a better deal per foot.

Walmart$11.98 for only 15 feet. Even with 6 percent Cash Back from ShopAtHome.com, that only brings nit down to $11.26 (and remember, it’s still not even 20 feet long). In this case, Walmart is not the cheapest option for LED holiday lights.

The bottom line: If you have only 20 feet to adorn, shop at Target. If you have more, spend a little more up front on a larger spool from the Home Depot and save more per foot.

Willing to forfeit LED? You can find 25 feet of regular lights at Amazon.com for just $8.79. Or pay just $7.99 for 28 feet of regular Christmas lights at Walmart, and pair that with free shipping on items of $35 or more on Black Friday, plus 6 percent Cash Back from ShopAtHome.com, bringing it down to only $7.51 — a better deal than Amazon.com.

Looking for unique holiday lights? Here are a few that caught our eyes:

  • Fairy lights, $13.44 at LightsForAllOccasions.com, in the shapes of stars.
  • Shooting star icicle lights at Walmart for $29.97.
  • Gem lights (these look like diamonds!) for $9.98 at Walmart.com.

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