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Change the way your hair looks and feels with these shampoos

July 5th, 2013

Men and women both need to look out for their hair, because it’s a scary world when yours isn’t in control and looses its shine, or bounce. Every company offers different bottles that perform in different ways, though some are better than others in terms of the types of ingredients they use. Restore hair for long term results that you can be satisfied with, and impress yourself with a new look. 

L’Anza Healing Strength White Tea Shampoo 10.1oz restores hair to its natural state, by eliminating split-ends, reviving tired looking strands and overall promote healthy growth. White tea has many different beneficial ingredients in it, that help to heal damaged hair and also keep hair reverting back to its dry, dull ways. 

AMPLIFY by Matrix VOLUMIZING SYSTEM COLOR XL SHAMPOO 13.5 OZ will make your hair work, but in a way that doesn’t make it tired and stressed. Bring full body back to your hair after you’ve colored it once, or multiple times. Any way you do it, this shampoo combines tough action cleaning for your scalp with UV filters to protect your hair from further damage by the sun.

Biolage By Matrix Hydrating Shampoo Nourishes Dry Or Over Stressed Hair 16 Oz (unisex) is for both men and women, and will stop your hair from getting anymore out of control than it already is. Lock in moisture, calmly cleanse your scalp and sit back as this formula does all the work to create better, happier hair. 

Biolage By Matrix Normalizing Shampoo For Normal To Oily Hair 33 Oz (unisex) returns the balance back to your skin and scalp, by working on normal to oily hair. Without drying it out, or causing more oil to be trapped at the roots, this shampoo benefits your hair, and whips your hair back into shape.


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