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Buy the best kid-friendly tablets for the right price

March 26th, 2013

nabi2by Dan Kricke

It’s hard enough being a parent without having to decide when your kids are ready for their first tablet, phone, computer and so on. Just because your son or daughter’s friends are getting iPads doesn’t mean you have to commit so fully to household gadgetry. There are plenty of affordable tablets designed specifically for kids.

Amazon, for instance, sells the MEEP! Tablet for only $129.99. MEEP! Was designed by Oregon Scientific for kids ages six and up. It has a 7-inch touch screen and an Android operating system. With 4 gigs of internal memory that can be expanded via an SD card slot, there should be plenty of room to house a few games, songs or TV shows. MEEP! also has easy to find and set-up parental controls so parents can make sure their kids aren’t viewing anything they shouldn’t be while they surf the web.

For something similar with a little more power, check out the Nabi 2, selling at Best Buy for $179.99. While Nabi 2 also runs on the Android OS, it has 8 gigs of built in memory as well as a mini HDMI output that enables users to hook the Nabi up to an HDTV. There’s also a built in 2 megapixel front-facing camera and like the MEEP!, a microSD card slot. Shoppers can also pick up 2 percent cash back on their purchase, too.

Walmart sells a tablet for kids that falls somewhere in-between the MEEP! and Nabi 2 – the $149 Kurio. Also running on an Android OS, the 7-inch Kurio features 4 gigs of storage that is expandable to 36 GB. Kurio features front and back facing cameras and allows up to 8 individual custom user profiles for parents and kids. A password protected Parental Area gives parents the ultimate set of content controls, too. Users can also get an additional 2 percent cash back on their purchase.

None of these three tablets offer quite the freedom or hardware power seen in adult tablets but as a starter set for a younger kid who just wants to play with some new technology, they offer a great set of parent-controlled training wheels.

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