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Busy kids can stay hydrated while on the go with SIGG water bottles

May 16th, 2013

Sigg Little Mermaid 10 ozIf your child has a busy schedule, making sure they drink enough water can be difficult to do. To make it easier, fill up SIGG water bottles with water and keep them in your child’s sports bag or backpack so they can stay refreshed while heading to school, soccer practice, or band rehearsal. Established in 1908 in Switzerland, the brand offers a line of durable and aesthetically-pleasing water bottles and commuter mugs, as well as accessories that include grips for kids, cleaning tablets and pouches for water bottles. To find the right product for you, check out the following selection from SIGG.

Sigg Little Mermaid – 10 oz has a pink background with a drawing of a mermaid in an underwater setting. The bottle has a mouth spout that is covered by a flip-top lid, ensuring the water bottle won’t leak in your child’s backpack or lunch box.

Is your child a horse fanatic? Then Sigg Horses – 13.5 oz is for them. The bottle has a white background with horses in bright, vibrant colors set in a whimsical design. The water bottle features a special inner lining so that the beverage does not retain a metallic aftertaste.

Sigg Hello Kitty Valentine – 13.5 oz features the lovable cat on a bright pink background. The water bottle includes a mouth spout and a flip-top lid that will not leak.

Sigg Hello Kitty Bike – 13.5 oz makes it easy to drink water while riding a bike or hiking. The bottle has a spout and a screw-top lid, ensuring your child’s beverage won’t leak inside their backpack or gym bag.

Sigg Fairies & Butterflies – 13.5 oz features a bright pink background with delicate drawings of butterflies and fairies in white and light pink. The water bottle holds enough liquid to keep your child refreshed during a game or long car ride.


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