J. Money believes Budgets are Sexy

J. Money believes Budgets are Sexy

June 21st, 2013

J MoneyFinances and sexy are not two words we would put together, but then we came across J. Money, the swagger steppin’ G-enius behind the blog Budgets are Sexy. His blog transforms the conversation and stigma around money. He makes talking about cash and saving not only cool, but sexy. His personal finance blog is informative and has lots of energy. Meet J. Money …

Where I’m based: Washington, D.C. area

How long I’ve been blogging:  Five and a half years now — crazy!

Blog basics:  I pretty much write a diary about my personal finances. At first it was just for fun and to keep myself in line — I post up my net worth and everything in my savings, debt, accounts — but over time I realized it’s more about “starting conversations” about money. Every day I spew my thoughts on something going on in my financial life and my lovely readers chime in to get the discussion going. It’s pretty dope. There’s no judgments like there are in the “real world” — where money has sort of a taboo. Although, we’re not afraid to point out better ways to doing things.

Other blogs I love:  EnemyofDebt.com, MakinSenseBabe.com,and FreeMoneyFinance.com

What is the sexiest thing about a budget? It gives you confidence. And we all know with some confidence you can go pretty far in life, love or your career. What girl doesn’t like a guy who’s financially fit?

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn with your finances? That owning a home isn’t for everyone. Six years ago I bought into the “American dream” and realized quick that it takes more money and patience to maintain one than most people think — or at least that I originally thought. I’ve learned a ton since then, and also got a new career out of it all (it prompted the start of BudgetsAreSexy that I now do full-time!), but you better believe I’ll think twice before buying again. I don’t care how many financial gurus say buying a house smart.

What is one thing we could do today to improve the state of our personal finances? Basically just “know” where all your money is. Having a grasp of exactly what comes in, and what goes out every month can do wonders over time. It’s only half the battle as G.I. Joe would say — the other part is taking action — but having a good understanding of your entire snapshot can help you make much smarter decisions over time. It’s scary how many people have no idea exactly how much debt they have. You gotta pull off that Band-Aid sooner, rather than later!

What’s your ultimate goal in life? To be free. Free to work however I wanna work, to live wherever I want to live, and to do whatever it is I want to do at any given time. I know that sounds pretty wishful there, but the beautiful thing about money is that it gives you options like that if done right. It’s not always about being a millionaire or riding around in pimp daddy cars all day long — although that can be fun. Money is a tool to get you from point a to point b. And the more you have to put to work, the farther you can go.

So you have a thing for reality shows, what’s your favorite? The Apprentice! I love watching people set out on missions and work their way up to the top. Especially in the business world. I could never do what half those contestants pull off, so to me it’s a fun break from reality — I can sit back and watch with a nice cold beer or maybe 10. Actually, I’d love for someone to make a drinking game out of it.