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Bring some classy chandeliers by Crystorama home

June 19th, 2013

Crystorama has lighting options for not only your home, but if you just opened a business, like a boutique or restaurant and want to give off an old-world atmosphere. The company also has choices to pick from that are beautifully assembled and elegant, that brings to life any dream you had for a specific room of the house.

Crystorama Victoria Swarovski Spectra Crystal Chandelier 6 Lights – Dark Rust  has a beautiful design, and has plenty of appeal with all of the crystals hanging from the top, center and both of the chandelier. The darker tones in the metal of this product work well with woods that are darker, but can be spray painted to a tone of your liking that fits in better with your style.

Crystorama Lighting 5212-DR-GTS SOHO Natural Wrought Iron Chandelier has an inviting feel; when it’s on it lights up the room well enough that you won’t need an extra lighting at night. Sturdy and made from a strong iron, this SOHO chandelier will last you a long time.

Crystorama 5202-DR-CL-SAQ Soho 2 Light Wall Sconce in Dark Rust with Swarovski Spectra Crystal can go in the hallway, next to the door by the landing, or in the living room. This lovely wall sconce looks luxurious, and adds a bit of feminine and refined quality to your home. You can purchase the wall sconces on various online retail websites for $258.

Crystorama 4522-DR Dark Rust w/ Amber Crystal Paris Flea Wall Sconce 4522 looks classic, and timeless with a hint of a modern touch. You can put this wall sconce up in an office, or in a place of business to give the room a little upgrade.

Crystorama 5202-DR-GTS Soho 2 Light Wall Sconce in Dark Rust with Golden Teak crystal comes from the charming SOHO collection, and with darker crystals that drip down, it’s ideal to hang it on a wall that is lighter in color to contrast against.


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