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Bottoms up! Set up your in-home bar in style with these five must-have products

June 23rd, 2013

If your home is the default party place for your crew, then you’ll want to ensure you’ve got the right gear on hand before your next shindig. From keg refrigerators to the right wine, the following five products will help you get set up with your own bar at home.

Keep the beer flowing with Summit SBC4907 Full Keg Beer. The refrigerator can hold two mini kegs and has twin taps so you can offer your guests a choice of beer. It includes stainless steel fixtures and can be placed by itself in your kitchen or home bar, or placed under an existing countertop.

Summit SBC4907TRIPLE Full Key Beer Dispenser can hold up to one keg, giving you plenty of beer for your next party. The dispenser includes a sleek tap, allowing you to pull beer in style like a pro. The dispenser also comes with shelving units, so you can convert the dispenser into a traditional refrigerator in a pinch. You can also use the shelves to store your bar add-ins, like lemon slices.

Take your party on the move with Summit SBC500SSP-ST Portable Keg Cooler. The cooler has wheels, so you can easily roll it out to your backyard or porch for an outdoor party. The cooler includes everything you need to get it set up and start pulling drinks, too.

Don’t forget the wine! With True Manufacturing TDD-4CT Wine Cooler, you can keep plenty of bottles of your favorite vintage on hand. The cooler also helps you store the wine at the correct temperature, ensuring a pleasant drinking experience every time you open a bottle.

Bring something special to the table with Dominus 2009 Red Wine Napa Valley. The wine features a blend of three different wines, resulting in a rich experience for the senses. The wine is also a must-have bottle for any wine aficionado.


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