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Binder products to keep documents secure and organized: Round ring, pocket and sheet protectors

May 30th, 2013

Binders can be a great alternative to the standard spiral style notebook. While spiral notebooks are great for mobility in a sleek paper product item, there are some key elements in productivity that are lacking in this style of office supply item. Binder products generally offer a higher amount of durability, give a greater ease in removal and addition and have storage factors that simply aren’t available in spiral notebooks. Take advantage of binder products for home, school or work and ensure your documents are properly secured and organized.
The following are some binder products for increased productivity:
Wilson Jones Round Ring View Binder with Label Holder has two open and close triggers for ease in use. The interior features dual pockets for added storage for documents that aren’t able to be hole punched. The clear overlay feature allows you to fully customize the look of the binder, whether it’s for simple labeling purposes or for a presentation package.
Wilson Jones Snapper Twin Pocket 3-Ring Binder is constructed from flexible poly for a highly durable exterior that won’t crack or tear. It comes in black, light blue, dark blue, purple or red and features 2 interior pockets. The hole punch feature allows it be used as a divider or extra storage piece for a binder.
Wilson Jones wlj38654b 4 inch Binder – Black is a D-ring style binder that allows for an increased holding capacity.
Wilson Jones wlj40775 Poly Round 1.5 inch Ring Binder – Clear comes with a clear overlay that won’t transfer any ink during removal or extended contact.
Stride Easy-Fit Color-Bar Sheet Protectors 8 ½ inch x 11 inch comes in a pack of 100 sheets in each package. This product features a semi-clear finish that won’t administer any glare. The bold color choices offer a great way to color code for heightened organization.


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