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Bell-shaped earplugs for a contoured fit

June 13th, 2013

Bell-shaped earplugs are the go-to style when it comes to having a more contoured fit in the ear canal. The basic bell-shaped earplug can offer full protection due to its expanding base and the stem-free design helps to keep it well hidden. Whether using it for work, home or casual use; earplugs can be a great way to block out loud noises or background sound. Take advantage of this classic style in earplugs and ensure your ears are protected.
The following are some bell-shaped earplugs for a contoured fit:
3M 312-1224 Ear Plugs 32dB Corded Lrg PK200 are disposable single use earplugs that are bell shaped in a bright yellow tone. The noise reduction rating is 32db, which is on the high end for ultra protection against loud noises.
E-A-R TaperFit 2 Self-Adjusting Ear Plugs Uncorded Foam Yellow 200 Pairs/Box have a bright yellow tone and a bell-shaped design. The material offers self-adjusting properties and a stem-free style for a simplistic design. There are 200 in each box and has an average retail price of around $41.
3m 312-1261 Ear Plugs 33db w/o Cord univ pk200 1vjy1 has a bell shaped design with a slightly more tapered tip. The base of the earplug has a slight ridged accented rim and the noise reduction rating is an ultra high 33dB.
3m 311-1251 Ear Plugs 33db corded lrg pk200 3nhp9 is constructed of polyurethane foam in a bright yellow bell shape. The bright blue cord allows for ease in use and helps to keep them at the ready when needed.
3m 311-1250 Ear Plugs 33db corded reg pk200 3nzf5 has a bell shaped design with a slightly elongated shell. The cord is set in a bright blue tone and offers a more convenient method in use, whether it’s hanging beside the bedside table or around your neck in a work environment.


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