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Be ready to go with charger and adapter products by Panasonic

June 20th, 2013

With the advancements in computer technology in recent years, it seems that people are looking for more and more ways to do their computing on-the-go. Whether it’s standard laptops or the smartphone with never-ending apps, there seems to be even more reasons to stay up-to-date when it comes to charges and adapters. Not only do these products offer a more convenient method in keeping things charged but it offers alternatives to the same old process in transferring over files. Take advantage of the many options offered by Panasonic in terms of mobile computing and keep yourself fully charged and ready to go.
The following are some charger and adapter products offered by Panasonic:
Cables To Go 39994 USB To IDE And Laptop Drive Adapter is a kit that allows you to easily transfer all files from your laptop to a desktop without any time wasting steps like USB drives. However, the IDE Drive Adapter feature can also be used as an external hard drive for additional storage.
Kensington Acer Family Laptop Charger with USB Power Port (K38088US) is a charging device that can charge multiple devices through the USB power port feature. Not only will you be able to charge a standard laptop but you can also charge your smartphone or other handheld electrical device.
Kensington HP/Compaq Laptop Charger with USB Power Port (KMW38082) is compatible with HP and Compaq laptops. It features a built-in USB power port and can be a great product for on-the-go use.
Lind ToughBook CF Series DC Adapter has an input noise filter, an output voltage of 15.6 V DC and the car charger feature makes it a highly functional adapter.
3/16″ x 500 FT. Shock Cord – BLK is a bungee cord product with an elasticity property of 120 percent to allow for a 6 inch portion to stretch to 13.2 inches. The cord construction features rubber strands and material resistant to abrasion.


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