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Battery-operated candles offer scents, style, safety

June 7th, 2013

Candle Impressions is a California-based brand of battery-operated candles. Enjoy Lighting sells energy-efficient, safe, attractive flameless candles:

10 Inch Round Candle Impressions White Battery Operated Candle – Timer is a tall and elegant model that looks very realistic. It has a timer to come on immediately at night and it will shut off after five hours. This is a safe candle alternative and a great way to make it appear as if the family is home when out of town, etc. It has a great vanilla scent. This product may be purchased for about $25 online.

Inglow CG24101CR201 Flameless Mini Hurricanes Vanilla Scented Candle, Cream, 2-Pack looks incredibly real and it even has a pleasant vanilla aroma. They include batteries and they’re safe to use at any spot in home – they can even be left on while unattended unlike conventional candles. $7 is the average online price for this item.

Inglow CG24102CR201 Flameless Mini Twisted Squares Vanilla Scented Candle, Cream, 2-Pack are two very attractively-designed flameless candles with glows that appear naturally and scents. They may be used alone or placed on holders and they include a one year warranty. This product is sold for about $25 retail.

Inglow CG24103CR201 Flameless Mini Curved Squares Vanilla Scented Candle, Cream, 2-Pack are elegantly-shaped candles with a versatile color and design making it an appropriate addition to the rooms of most home décor. They’re scented and they include batteries. The average online retail price for this product is $8.

3 LED Battery Operated Candle Distressed Texture Green 3 x 4 looks incredibly realistic with a shape and texture of a candle that has been burned before with the wax having changed shape. It’s a beautiful lime green color and chartreuse and lime green colors are very popular for interior design. These candles are battery-operated. This product sells for about $4 retail online.


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