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Batman themed toys for the young or just young at heart

June 17th, 2013

Batman is a beloved superhero character that has longstanding origins, from the popular comic book series to the iconic 1960’s television series. The Batman character has been revamped and modernized with each passing year, and thus has gained increasingly devoted fans. The Dark Knight series reaches blockbuster gold with each new film and the animated television series on the Batman character is always a popular among kids. Mattel features a number of Batman themed toys and collectibles that can be a great way of indulging in the love for the caped crusader.
The following are some Batman themed products for the young or just young at heart:
DC Universe Action League Mini Batman vs Bronze Tiger 2 Pack comes with 2 figurines 2.25 inches tall. The Bronze Tiger and Batman figurine offer a great imaginative play product for your little one or a fun collectible item for display purposes.
Swamp Strike Batman Power Attack Mission Figures is a 6 inch figurine of the popular Batman figurine dressed in a bright sea green and yellow costume. This action figure holds a weapon accessory almost as large as the figurine for a bold look.
Batman Power Attack Lava Mission Blaze Buster Figure is a Batman action figure wearing a bright orange, black and yellow costume. This fire fighting Batman figurine is holding a larger than life ax and can be a great way to indulge your child in his superhero enthusiasm and admiration for fire fighters all-in-one.
Imaginext DC SUPERFRIENDS ARTIC BATMAN MATTEL INC is a toy suggested for play for children 3 years and up. The Batman figurine is dressed in a white and baby blue costume with a bright yellow utility belt.
Fisher-Price Hero World DC Super Friends Batman features the classic look that is loved by Batman enthusiasts. The Batman figurine is an easy to hold action figure toy dressed in a black and grey costume.


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