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Bags for transporting your cycling gear: Wheel and bike bags

June 8th, 2013

When it comes to bicycle bags, many people think of bags that can carry their items without hindering their cycling. However, not all bicycle bags are meant for carrying items during the cycling process. Some bicycle bags are specific to carrying the actual gear or wheels. Take advantage of specialized bags for your traveling cycling needs and ensure your gear arrives intact.
The following are some bags for transporting your cycling gear:
Vuelta Double Wheel Bag is constructed from reinforced nylon with extra padding. It is sized to fit two 700c wheels in a round form. The foam section separates the wheels from hitting against one another and the material protects against abrasion. The name tag pouch allows this product to be used for bus or plane travel with a clearly stated owner tag.
SciCon Padded Double Wheel Bag is round in size and snugly fits two 700c wheels. The shoulder strap allows ease in carrying and the anti-scratch fabric is durable and comfortable. The material is made from a high durable nylon that will give you confidence in shipping or travel.
Nashbar Wheel Bag is made from a highly durable nylon material that is water-resistant. This will help protect your car’s interior from any dirt or debris on the wheels and can make for a great transport product from one race to the next.
Cutter Velodrome Wheel Bag 2.0 has a zippered top and a removable shoulder strap for ease in carrying. The wheel pockets are spaced in a way to prevent any bumping between wheels. There are two additional pockets in the interior that are large enough to stash skewers, tubes, spoke wrench or whatever other tools you might need.
Chariot Bike Trailer Travel Bag is a bag meant to be used as a storage case for your bike child trailer. This is a great way to tote your trailer with you when vacationing, especially for vacation spots that are known for its great bike trails.


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