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Backyard play products: Wheels and bean bags

June 23rd, 2013

Anyone who owns a home can tell you that the backyard is very much a part of regular living. For families with children, the backyard is a way to let the kids run off some of that excess energy. For others, the backyard is a great place to congregate with friends and family. Take advantage of your backyard with some items to enhance your options in playtime, for the young and young at heart.
The following are some playtime products meant for the backyard:
Gld Products Gld Micro Beanbag Toss is the classic beanbag toss game that includes 8 beanbags and 2 beanbag boards. The boards have carrying handles, retractable legs and Velcro seals for easy stacking when not in use. The bags are red and white to allow for quick visibility in which bag is for which team.
Wild Sales Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2.0 Cornhole TaiLGate Bean Bag Toss is a beanbag toss game that features colors and logos from The University of Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish. This can be a great way to show off your team spirit during backyard barbeques or a great tailgating game to pack along for gameday fun.
Gorilla Playsets Blue Plastic Steering Wheel is a bright blue steering wheel made from solid polyethylene. The cap cover and hardware is included in this product and can be attached to any wooden playground set structure.
Gorilla Playsets Jumbo Ships Wheel 07-0015-G is a green and yellow wheel that looks like a style that would be found on a ship rather than a race car. It comes with all hardware and can be installed in almost all wood surface playground sets. It is made from a highly durable polyethylene construction and is suited to fit small hands in play.
Swing-N-Slide Rain Wheel is a wheel set in a bright yellow tone and is reminiscent of the top of an umbrella or wild flower. This is meant to be used in collaboration with other Swing-N-Slide playground set products.


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