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Audio Equipment Storage and Transport Solutions by Odyssey

May 28th, 2013

Odyssey is a DJ and audio gear company with a product range of hundreds of bags, covers, racks and cases for items such as mixers, turntables and controllers. The American brand was founded in 1995 and they still hold strong against the competition with their constant releases of useful patents and innovative designs. These products make storage and transport simpler, more secure and more sanitary for expensive and cherished audio equipment for professionals:

Decksaver DS-PC-VCI400 Cover for Vestax VCI-400 DJ Controller is a strong, clear protective case for gigs, storage or transport. The thin, durable plastic it’s made of is called polycarbonate and it’s used in bulletproof glass. The average online retail price for this item is $70.

Denon DNS1200 Tabletop DJ CD/MP3 Player is a USB compatible model making it able to be set up with devices such as iPods and thumb drives. It has a great quality of sound and many wonderful features including a foldable design, interesting effects and loops and a compact, lightweight size. The average online retail price for this item is $500.

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 DJ Controller is a four-channel mixer that’s compatible with iPods and iTunes. This portable controller includes Traktor Pro 2 software. This item may be purchased for an average online retail price of $800.

Odyssey 3-Row Carpeted Storage DJ Case for 45 RPM Records | C45200 is a lightweight yet durable case with great portability. It comes with surface mount hardware and the carpeted surface of the case keeps equipment safe from scratches. The average online retail price for this product is $60.

Odyssey F-28 Foldout Stand is a durable and portable foldout stand for items such as support racks, cases and consoles. It’s outfitted with an easy transport handle. $100 is the average retail selling price for this item online.


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