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Apple iWatch sneak peek: new flexible display

March 2nd, 2013

iwatchby Dan Kricke

Apple has been making news on the patent circuit recently thanks to a few documents showcasing a new watch-like computer-oriented device from the iPhone developer.

Very little is actually known about the proposed iWatch, other than the idea that it will have a multitouch display much like the iPhone. Among its outlined function in the patent document are the ability to add or change music playlists, review recent phone calls and respond to text messages thanks to a “flexible display.”

What the iWatch will eventually turn into is anyone’s guess, but it’s certainly fun to take a few guesses at its potential uses.

Wear the right threads

What if, for instance, the iWatch’s band is a digital display that can change colors. Imagine going to Old Navy and purchasing an iWatch that would match your entire wardrobe no matter what you wore. The idea of purchasing such a technology advanced wardrobe accessory will finally marry the tech world and the fashion world like never before. Plus Old Navy offers 3 percent cash back and free shipping on items over $50.

Would a store like Express, which sells clothes for men and women, sell gender-specific iWatches at 2.5 percent cash back? Certainly men and women favor different designs when it comes to their watch styles so why wouldn’t the iWatch feature a few different designs itself?

Go to the source

Of course the most obvious place to shop for an iWatch will be through Apple itself, which offers 1 percent cash back on some of their most popular items, like the iPhone 5 and the MacBook Pro. There will undoubtedly be apps specific to the iWatch, perhaps for checking the weather or sports scores, that will only be available via the iTunes App Store. Developers may have to ensure their apps are compatible with not just the iPhone and iPad but the iWatch as well.

All of this is just speculation currently, but as we learn more about what exactly the iWatch can do, we’ll be able to make much more clearly defined guesses as to what new breakthroughs the device could inspire.


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