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American Standard: Toilet tanks, bowls and lids

June 18th, 2013

American Standard’s toilet tanks can fit every bathroom in your home or office. With a variety of different models, you can find the perfect tank to make you bathroom’s decor exactly how you want it. Toilet tanks, bowls and lids are available from American Standard. You can browse American Standard’s website to find what you’re looking for, or take a look at a few of the featured products described below. 

American Standard 4021.016.020 White Cadet 3 Cadet 3 Toilet Tank with Performance Flushing System 4021.016 and the American Standard 4027.016.021 Bone Cadet Cadet Toilet Tank with Performance Flushing System 4027.016 are both elongated toilet tanks made by American Standard. These toilet tanks featured a performance flushing system and a silver colored flush handle. The average retail price for this product is around $70. The tanks are available in both cream and white colors. 

American Standard 4019.016.020 Cadet 3 Toilet Tank, White is a curved toilet tank that would look great in any home bathroom. The curvature of the the tank make it a great choice for a master bathroom. The tank’s average retail price is $120 on the web. 

American Standard 7351.21-400.021 Bone Cadet 3 Toilet Tank Lid/Cover for tank model 4021.016 735121 is a toilet tank lid in a white color. The toilet tank lid fits tank model 4021.016. You can find this lid and the matching tank online at American Standards website. The price you can expect to pay for this lid is about $50. 

American Standard 4000.204.020 White Studio Studio Toilet Tank with Performance Flushing System 4000.204 flushes from the top! The toilet tank features a 2-flush system that has buttons located on the top. This system can help to save water, which makes it great for eco-friendly consumers. This product costs an average of $98 on the web.


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