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American Standard: Basic and efficient

June 17th, 2013

Toilet tanks do not need to be fancy in order to get the job done. American Standard’s toilet tanks are efficient, basic and durable– making them the perfect fit for most bathrooms. Available in a variety of colors and styles, American Standard’s toilet tanks are a great addition to your bathroom. 

An example of a few featured American Standard toilet tanks include:

Evolution FloWise Toilet Tank is an eco-friendly toilet tank for the eco-friendly household or business. This tank conserves water while still conforming to the typical toilet tank look. This product’s average retail price is $65 on the web. 

American Standard 4061813.020 White Evolution 2 Evolution 2 Toilet Tank – Right-Mounted Tank Lever 4061.813 is crisp, white and will fit most toilet bases. American Standard’s toilet tanks provide comfort and style to any bathroom in your house. The average retail price of this product is around $63 on the Internet. 

American Standard 4202101.021 Bone Studio Studio Toilet Tank with Performance Flushing System 4202.101 is a shorter bowl compared to other American Standard products. Available in an off-white color, this smaller version of most toilet tanks is perfect for a toilet located in a tight space. The average retail price for this product is $120. 

AMERICAN STANDARD 4188B104.020 Toilet Tank,1.28 gpf,White comes in a shiny white finish and features a silver-colored flush handle. This toilet tank looks elegant, polished and is available for around $170 on the web. 

American Standard 4098.100.020 White Cadet Cadet Vitreous China Toilet Tank Only with Left Mounted T is a simple, basic toilet tank.  Although there is nothing fancy about this tank, it gets the job done. At an average retail price of around $200, this toilet tank is affordable basic and perfect for a standard bathroom in an office or retail store.


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