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Aluminum and cast iron products for home or professional use

June 27th, 2013

When it comes to aluminum and cast iron products, there are a number of ways to use them. This can be a cost-effective way to save on food storage but it can also be a low maintenance tool in the food preparatory phase.
The following are some cast iron or aluminum products for home or professional use:
PACTIV CORPORATION Full-Size Foil-Lam Food Container Lid in White and Aluminum Y112045 is sold as a case of 80 with an average retail price of around $184. Each lid has an aluminum foil laminate on the underbelly which reflects heat downward. The top of the lid features a white-topped paperboard surface that is able to be labeled with ease. This can be a great product for carryout or catering purposes in a professional food service capacity.
10S X 2 is a Bore flex-type coupling flange product that is usually used in collaboration with large pump system units. It is no larger than 2 inches and is meant to fit on a 2 inch shaft. It’s made of cast iron and comes one to a package. A complete system requires one on the pump side and one on the motor side, with a flex coupling in between.
Aluminum 1100 Foil Roll Foil Roll Alum 0.0007 Th x18 In W 500 Ft is a general purpose aluminum foil product that is used in the food service industry. The slightly larger width allows for an increased surface area for larger casserole dishes and baking sheets. This is a great way to safe money on not having to use multiple sheets in covering a larger surface area. The average price for this product is around $40.
Reynolds Wrap® RFP650C ALUMINUM FOIL 12″ X 25′ 1 ROLL SILVER **1 EA is a standard aluminum foil product that can be used for food storage or preparatory purposes. The average retail price for this product is around $2.50 and can be a great go-to product for the kitchen.


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