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Alternative storage products: Boxes, bins and cabinet

June 26th, 2013

Storage products are a great way to keep things neatly tucked away, whether it’s for long term storage or a way to keep it easily accessible. However, it’s not just file cabinets and bookcases that can be the best option in storage. Akro-Mils and Advantus has some storage products that stray away from the norm but offer just as much function.
The following are some alternative options in storage, whether it’s for home or in a professional capacity:
Advantus AVT34009 Rolling Storage Box, Clear, Letter/Legal, 15-Gallon Size has wheels on the bottom for ease in mobility. The top lid of the box has grooves that perfectly fit the bottom wheels. This makes for a stackable storage bin that makes it easy to store in bulk or move around in a single trip.
Akro Bins Plastic Stacking Bin 5-1/2 X 10-7/8 X 5 Beige has a hopper front opening, optional bin divider slots, easy to use finger grips, large label area and an ultra durable polypropylene construction. The front area is reinforced to allow for easy retrieval without fear of any breakage during pulling out.
Akro-Mils 64 Drawer Small Parts Storage Cabinet 10164 has small removable storage boxes. The overall dimensions for this storage cabinet is 20 inches deep, 15.9 inches high and 6.4 inches in width. The average retail price is around $30.
AKRO-MILS AkroBin Polypropylene Bins – Blue (30230BLUE) is a bright blue plastic bin that is 5 inches high, 5 ½ inches wide and 10 7/8 inches in depth. These bins are able to be hung from racks or panels and have a reinforced design to ensure it maintains its original shape.
Akro-Mils AkroBins 30283B Storage Bin has a molded carrying handle. The length is 20 inches long, outside width is 18 3/8 inches and an outside height of 12 inches. The average retail price for this product is around $20.


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