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Add style to your wardrobe with hates from Dobbs and Dorfman Pacific

June 24th, 2013

Hats are a great accessorie to experiment with. You can wear a certain type of hat depending on the situation, from going to a sporting event,  hiking in the moutains, or if you’re going to go on a date with your significant other. Hats can represent who you are, as much as clothes because they go hand in hand to compliment each other. Grab a hat even if you don’t have anything going on, so that when something does happen you’ll be prepared.

Dobbs Strand Fedora Hat has a classic tear drop crown, and comes in a lovely black color. This fedora looks like it came straight out of Casablanca or out of another era, and will make you look like you’ve spent a lot on your outfit. Ideal for a night out on the town, fedoras are the perfect addition to you stylish suit or shirt and slacks.

Indiana Jones Fur Felt Hat won’t make you an instant archaeologically hero, but it will make you look sharp. With a streamline cut, and fabric that is soft to the touch, this hat honors Indiana Jones in all of his adventurous ways. 

Scala Teardrop Crown Panama Hat gives you a look that is laidback, but can also be used when you dress up a little more. This crown hat is symbolic, and classy and is perfect for year-round ware. You can pick one of these hats up at moany retail stores, or online if your search turns up fruitless.

Scala Vent Crown Outback Panama Hat is better suited for longer trips outside, especially in climates where the humidity is greater. With narrower sides, this hat looks perfect for any jungle or outback traveling you’re going to be on. 

Scala Wool Felt Western Hat – Tool Leather Band (For Men) CAF brings the countryside closer to you, in this slightly stylized western hat that closely resembles a cowboy hat. Made from strongly sewn wool, and a leather band around the outside, this hat will do the trick if you’re horseback riding or out to a rodeo.


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