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Add some dimension to your earplugs with assorted cord options

June 14th, 2013

Earplugs with cords offer a bit more function to an already utilitarian piece. Earplugs worn in a professional capacity can be donned by everyone from office workers leaving to drown out background noise to construction workers surrounded by loud machinery. Either situation would greatly benefit from earplugs with a cord because it allows for longevity in use due to the fact that there is a slimmer chance of them being lost. It also allows for an easy removal and insertion feature due to it being able to be hung around the neck when not in use. While the cord may serve an extra function in earplugs, that doesn’t mean the cord has to be a humdrum feature. Take advantage of the different options in earplugs with cords to create some dimension in a utilitarian product.
The following are some earplugs with some cord options:
3m 318-1001 Ear Plugs 28db corded univ pk100 3we32 has a polyurethane foam earplug with a pod shape set in a bright yellow color. The cord is a high contrast bluish purple with a stem attachment feature for ease in use.
3m 340-8002 Ear Plugs 27db corded univ pk100 1mce2 has a flange shaped earplug set in a neon yellow, while the cord is a bright cobalt blue with attached stems that have a slanted design.
3m 341-6004 Ear Plugs 26db corded univ pk100 5xn25 have a flanged shaped earplug and a assortment of different colored cords to choose from. The cords come in yellow, blue, purple, red or green and offer a bit of variation to the same old earplug look.
3M Tri-Flange Cloth Corded Earplug; 26dB 100/Box have a flanged shaped earplug with a cloth cord. The clear earplugs offset the bright yellow cord with orange accents.
MCO29009 3m Foam Single-use Earplugs Corded 29nrr Orange has a bright orange elongated bell shaped earplug with a matching bright orange cord.


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