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Add comfort and style to your home with Peking Handicraft quilts

June 16th, 2013

There’s nothing quite like lounging on the couch or settling in for a nap with a warm quilt. With Peking Handicraft’s quilts, you can add style and warmth to any room. Its selection of products are available in an assortment of styles and color schemes, so you can find the right quilt to complement your bedroom’s look. To find the right product for you, check out the following selection from Peking Handicraft.

Peking Handicraft Green & White Full/Queen Quilt features an assortment of colors in a striking geometric design. The quilt is constructed of cotton and is easy to clean; just pop it in the washing machine, and it’s ready for use.

Peking Handicraft Ginger King Quilt Multi includes an assortment of colors and is sure to match just about any color scheme in your bedroom. The quilt has a vivid design of bright patterns in bold colors, including red and yellow. The quilt is cotton and has texture, and can be easily washed in your washing machine.

If you love a subtle nautical theme, then you’ll enjoy the Peking Handicraft Seascape Twin Quilt Beige & Tan. The quilt includes an assortment of light, natural colors, including green and brown, and also features a light floral pattern. The quilt is cotton, making it a warm and durable addition to your bedroom.

If you have a smaller bed, then consider using Peking Handicraft Seascape Full/Queen Quilt Beige & Tan. The design’s natural colors make it ideal for a guest bedroom, too. The quilt is also textured, giving it a heightened sense of style.

Incorporate a country cottage look in your bedroom with Peking Handicraft Micah King Quilt Red. The quilt has a bright red border along the perimeter and incorporates other colors, including green and blue, as well. The cotton quilt can be machine-washed for ease of use.


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