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Add a feminine touch to your earplugs

June 13th, 2013

Earplugs are often thought of as an item used in predominantly male job sites, whether it’s a construction worker using them while on heavy duty machinery or a maintenance laborer blocking out loud noises. However, earplugs are not just products for men. While there are women in the workforce in every profession, women also use them in other office positions to simply block out background noise when trying to get their work done. Instead of getting the simple universal style in earplugs, show off some femininity with some earplug styles that offer that girly touch.
The following are some feminine styled earplug products:
3m 321-2200 Ear Plugs 25db w/o Cord univ pk100 3nhh6 has a pod shape set in a bright yellow color. The cords come in a variety of assorted colors and offers some feminine choices to choose from.
3m 312-1252 Ear Plugs 33db w/o Cord reg pk200 3gy48 has a non-irritating material that is dermatologically safe. This is a great option for women with delicate skin and the design offers a playful take on a utilitarian product. The yellow cone shaped earplugs have a bright flame decal accent in a cordless earplug.
3m 311-1115 Ear Plugs 25db corded univ pr100 3nhh7 comes individually wrapped in a pillow packaging and has a polyurethane foam earplug shaped like a pod. The bright yellow pod is a great color that mixes with the wide variety of cord choices for a bright a cheery product.
3m 311-1125 Ear Plugs 33db corded lrg pk200 5xn21 has a cylinder shape with a bright yellow earplug offset with a bold orange widened stripe. The cord offers a bright shade that helps to make it stand out for ease in visibility.
E-a-r 312-1274 Ear Plugs 33db corded univ pk100 3nhf2 has a neon green bell-shaped earplug with a bright orange cord.


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