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Acquire an assortment of chocolate-covered snacks

July 13th, 2013

Snacking on pretzels and strawberries is good, but when you cover these in dark chocolate or caramel, they suddenly become that much more craveable. Shari’s Berries is known for its chocolate-covered strawberries, but the company also has other chocolaty treats. If you think that dark chocolate needs an extra ingredient or two to give it extra flavor and texture, you may want to try the coated berries or pretzels from Shari’s Berries. See a few of those below:

4 Caramel Pretzels & Full Dozen Swizzled Strawberries is double-packed with two treats to satisfy your sweet tooth and salty tooth. The salty pretzel rods have a thick caramel coating that is perfect for anyone who likes gourmet salted caramel. The strawberries in this set have a chocolate coating of two types of chocolate that the berries are dipped and drizzled in. For this entire set, you will likely pay around $40.
Full Dozen Gourmet Dipped Premium Strawberries is the standard chocolate-covered strawberries that have been raised to another level. Like an assortment of boxed chocolates, this package of a dozen strawberries has different toppings that the chocolate-covered strawberries are rolled in. These may include caramel-coated almonds or chocolate-covered cacao beans. These premium strawberries typically sell for around $40 for 12.
All Dark Assorted Chocolates – 36 Pieces usually sells for about $30. Unlike life, you can know what is in this box of assorted dark chocolates – it is full of filled chocolates that will please any dark chocolate aficionado. The chocolates in this box include caramels, buttercreams, meltaways and more. The 36 candies in this box will quickly disappear.

Half Dozen Signature Dark Strawberries foil the natural sweetness of the strawberries against the innate bitterness of the dark chocolate. This set of six strawberries can be purchased for around $30.


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