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Accessorize any outfit with these lovely necklaces

June 8th, 2013

Whether you’re big into fashion, or if you like everything simple yet charming, there are a variety of pieces to choose from Avon, Sea of Diamonds of Black Hills jewelers for any occasion. When birthdays or anniversaries come around, a necklace is a thoughtful way to let a friend of a loved one know just how much you mean to them. Here are a few choices to pick from that are sure to wow whoever the recipient might be.

14k White Gold Cross Pendant is beautiful and elegant in its design, without too much flash, and though it lacks any shining diamonds it still looks great with any outfit. This is a great gift for any friend of family member who likes to represent their faith with fashionable jewelry.

14k White Gold Diamond Necklace  let’s the wearer cleverly represent their name or a name of a loved one in bright, shining letters made from quality diamonds. The sixteen inch chain fits around your neck perfectly, and looks classic, no matter what outfit you’re wearing that day.

10k Yellow Gold Diamond Heart Necklace is a favorite for many people because of the pretty design, and the wonderful thing about this Avon designed necklace is that it’s also a bit different than other heart necklaces you might come across. Each side of the heart is encrusted with white diamonds, with diamonds in the middle, to give the traditional concept a little twist.

14k Gold 1/10ct TDW Diamond By the yard Necklace (H I, I1) (Blue)  looks elegant, but isn’t too flashy for those who like to keep their jewelry from drawing a lot of attention. This delicate chain is set with diamonds at intervals around the neck, and can be purchased on many online retail websites for $2,350 on average.

Black Hills Gold By Coleman 10 Karat Gold Filled Two Picture Heart Locket 20″ Necklace brings to mind a much simpler time, with its old school charm, and basic design. This locket has a finely etched flower and leaf made with rose and green gold on the front to add a bit of femininity.


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