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Accessories for the hot tub enthusiast

June 28th, 2013

Do you own a hot tub? What about hot tub accessories? There are many products available for purchase on the web that will go nicely with your tub. With multiple covers, kits and other accessories out there, you can be sure that you’ll find the right product for you. Take a look at a few featured hot tub accessories featured below.  

Leisure Time The Complete Spa Care Kit contains everything you need to take care of your hot tub. The kit contains cleaners, test strips and even a measuring scoop to give you a fresh and bacteria-free tub. The average price of this product on the web is $50. 

What’s the point of a hot tub if it’s always cold? Fear not, the Coates 11KW 240V Electric Spa Heater has got you covered. This product costs and average of $750 on the web and is sure to warm up your hot tub’s water without frustration on your part. 

1 qt. Self-Floccing Spa and Hot tub Defoamer rids your tub and pool of gross-looking foam. Foam can collect on the top of the water and make your tub look gray, filthy and full of bugs. This could cause you to not use it as often, and who would want that? This product can help take care of the unsightly foam and leave your water squeaky clean. The average retail price of this product is $18 for one quart. 

To avoid bugs in the first place, try using a hot tub cover. The Covermate Freestyle Spa Cover Lift is a great product to take a look at. This cover fits both circular and octagonal hot tubs. The cover comes in a tan/brown color, which blends well in the great outdoors. The average retail price for this product is $300 online.


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