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5 ways Command Hooks can simplify your life as a parent

November 1st, 2013
Command Hooks

Command Hooks. They’re the best.

By Aimee Heckel

The key to an organized household may be simpler than you thought. We sum it up in two words: Command. Hooks.

These simple, non-damaging, sticky wall hooks are inexpensive ($35.97 for eight at Sears), but they can keep clothes off the floor, organize trash in your car and organize shoes in your entry way. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Plus, you can buy decorative Command Hooks (Hello Kitty, Superman) or hooks with a nickel finish (drool!). Looks much cleaner than a nail, and it won’t damage your wall, either.

Command Hooks’ website even offers an extensive list of uses and ideas.

Here are five of our favorite unique ways to use command hooks to make your life as a parent easier.

1. Cheap storage of the mop and broom. Stick a Command Hook on the inside of a door, in the pantry or in the basement stairwell and hang your mop and broom here.

2. Get cords off the floor. Cords can trip and tempt little ones, so keep them up and out of reach with strategically placed Command Hooks. This blogger hooked her computer cord to the back of the desk. Not to mention, it looks much more organized.

3. Organize backpacks and accessories. Give your kids’ backpack a home. Affix Command Hooks inside the coat closet or in the mud room. This is also helpful if your kid has an affinity for purses or other accessories, like the author of the blog Fallingdownhouse.blogspot.com.

4. Organize dress-up clothes. Instead of throwing them into a box, display your kids’ dress-up clothes on the wall.

5. Bathtub organization. Why do kids need so many things to take a bath? Here, the blogger OneMileHomeStyle uses Command Hooks to hold bath loofahs (and keep them from falling off the shelf and trying to run away down the drain). You could also use hooks with a plastic bin from the Dollar Store to organize toys, soaps and cups.

OK, now that you realize that you need 1,000 Command Hooks, save money on them at Sears with these Sears coupons (there are more than 230 of them). Read more articles about saving money at Sears here.

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