5 unique items don’t want to forget when packing for college

5 unique items to add to your college packing list

July 29th, 2013

(Photo courtesy of Victoria’s Secret Pink)


(Photo courtesy of Wal-Mart)

By Brittany Anas

If you’re college-bound, you probably got a shopping list from your college or got some packing advice while you were at orientation. Shower caddies, surge protectors and extra long twin sheets are standard on most college shopping lists. But here are some purchases that will make dorm life more comfortable and fun.

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Panini maker: There will be days when you don’t like what’s on the cafeteria menu or when it’s snowing and you won’t want to make the journey to the dining hall. Become the most popular person in the hall with a panini maker (on sale at Sears for $59.99) , whipping up super-easy sandwiches that will look (and taste) gourmet. Heck, you could even turn an a la cart sandwich from the cafeteria into a panini. Need some inspiration?  Here’s 50 panini recipes, courtesy of the Food Network.

Loungewear: For those lazy Saturday mornings when you’re trekking to the cafeteria or those late-night cram study sessions, you’ll want some comfy (but good-looking) sweats. Check out Victoria’s Secret’s Pink collegiate section to incorporate some school spirit into your loungewear. (Get Cash Back offers at Victoria’s Secret). For guys, Under Armour has a good selection of hoodies.

Go fish! Most universities won’t let you bring Fido or Fluffy to the dorms, but they’ll make an exception for fish. And, it’s always nice to come home to a pet. We’ve found some stylish bowls to house a Betta Fish. (It’s been our experience that Betta Fish have a longer lifespan than goldfish)  This stylish kit from Walmart has a LED light on it so you can flip it off when it’s time for your fish to go to sleep. Wait, do fish sleep? Report back to us after a few biology classes, please. (Walmart, $10.97)

Flip flops. Also known as shower shoes once you get to college. You don’t want to trek to the shower without these important accessories. Don’t spend a lot on them, either. In fact, you can find a $2.50 pair in a rainbow of colors at Old Navy.

Desk games: For when you’re five pages deep into a sociology paper and you catch a bad case of writer’s block and you’ve already scrolled through your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feed … we bring you desk games. Urban Outfitters has a desktop ping-pong game, minecraft magnets, and  balancing blocks — all fun desktop distractions.

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