5 things you should know and do before 'Take your Dog to Work Day'

5 tips for ‘Take your Dog to Work Day’ on June 21

June 10th, 2013

(Photo courtesy of TakeYourDog.com)


(Photo courtesy of PetCo)

By Brittany Anas

The month of June has gone to the dogs: On the heels — or shall we say paws? — of Pet Appreciation Week is National Take Your Dog to Work Day on June 21. A little background on the day: It was first created by Pet Sitter’s International and first celebrated in 1999, and meant to encourage their adoption from humane societies, animals shelters and rescue organizations.

The annual event is all about celebrating the humane-canine bond and promoting pet adoptions,  according to Pet Sitter’s International. And, hey, your dog will gladly do a clean sweep of the floor in the employee break room … for free.

Before you and your dog report to work, here’s a few things to keep in mind: 

Know your dog: What’s Fido’s office etiquette? If he’s a barker, biter or gets anxious around large groups of people, it’s probably not a good idea to bring him into the office. You really don’t want to end up in the Human Resources office if your dog humps your co-workers leg, right? So, if Fido has a personality that, shall we say, lends to working from home, snap a picture of your dog and send a photo of him with a funny note about “playing hooky” from work today and provide a link to the humane society or rescue organization where you got your dog from.

Check with the human resources office: Make sure it’s A-OK to show up to work with your pup. The best way is to check first with an the human resources office. We know … your dog is made out of equal parts love and fluff. But, be sure to check with the co-workers you share a pod or office space with to make sure they don’t have any pet allergies.

Make it a fundraiser: Your dog didn’t think he was going to come to work and just lounge around, did he? Host a lunch-time, fun-spirited fundraiser to raise money for a local animal shelter. Need ideas? How about a dog-owner “look-a-like” contest? Charge a couple of bucks for people to vote. Or, put on a “talent show” with dogs showing off their best tricks in a conference room. Put out a hat to solicit tips.

Pack a ‘briefcase’ for your pet: Bring his treats, his lunch and a portable water bowl. Keep him entertained with a chew toy. A rope bone from PetSmart is a good choice.  Make sure you avoid and squeaky toys that could annoy the office.

Dress the part: And, so your four-legged co-worker feels like he’s part of the office, strap on a “stars and stripes” tie-collar. (PetCo, $13.49)

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