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5 things to remember when planning your baby’s christening

October 31st, 2013
White dress

Gold brocade dress from The Children’s Place.

By Aimee Heckel

Baby Prince George is in the public spotlight again. This time, it’s for his christening.

At Baby George’s big event, he was baptized, tea was served and his godparents were named.

Although committing a child to the Christian faith is often a motivator to organize a christening, there are other reasons families decide to christen a child. Sometimes, it’s just a way to get the family together to meet and welcome the new baby.

Planning a baptism or dedication for your child? Here are five tips, ideas and ways to save money on the celebration.

1. Traditionally, parents dress their babies in white gowns. Baby George’s was satin and lace. If you don’t have a family gown to pass down, but you don’t have a ton of money, consider shopping for used gowns or checking discount apparel sites online.

Find a stunning gold brocade dress at The Children’s Place for $35.95 (only available online).

Still too much money? This white cable-knit tutu dress with a black bow is cheaper: $14.97. The style of dress you choose depends on how traditional your church and ceremony will be.

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2. Leave the spiritual details up to the pastor or priest. Don’t forget the reason for the event, and stay for the full ceremony after your baby’s personal part.

3. Organize a party afterward. This may range from finger foods and tea to a full dinner. If you can afford it, consider having the event catered so you can focus on your child and guests. If you’re on a serious budget, ask close family to bring food for a potluck.

4. Decorate the tables. Consider fresh white and cream flowers as centerpieces, accented by battery-operated candles.

5. Serve up something sweet. Many baptisms end with cake, cake pops or another sweet treat for the guests.

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