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5 fun things to do on rainy days

March 13th, 2013

fun in the rain

By Melissa Brodsky

Spring is on its way, bringing not just warmer temperatures, but also (you guessed it), lots of rainy days. And though we understand how much the rain is needed for all that fabulous foliage, we can’t help but feel a bit bummed when a storm spoils our chances for outdoor fun with the kids. Fortunately, you don’t have to let the rain get you down. Here are five fun rainy day activities to enjoy with your kids:

1. Get wet. No matter what you may have heard, you won’t melt out there in the rain. So pull on your rain boots and go outdoors. Getting out, even for a few minutes, can help banish the stuck-indoors blues. Splash in puddles, walk about and discuss the many reasons rain is a good thing.

2. Set up camp. When it’s lightening outside, pitch a tent or build a blanket-and-chair fort right in the living room. Climb in with the kids and pretend you’re on a camping trip or marooned on an island. No cheating — put the cell phone away.

Or, if the weather isn’t too frightful, pitch a real tent in the backyard. Shop one of our sporting good retailers for great deals on tents.

3. Build something. That cardboard box you’ve been meaning to toss out? It’s not just a box. It’s a robot, a stove, a puppet theater, a castle or a car. The possibilities are practically endless and sure to keep your mind off the less-than-desirable conditions outdoors. When your masterpiece is complete, go ahead and use it in imaginative play.

4. Make a treat. A rainy day is a perfect opportunity to whip up something tasty with the help of your kids. Bake a delicious cake or pie. Mix and bake your favorite cookies or make homemade pretzels. Of course, you’re not limited to snack foods and desserts. Making homemade pizza can prove just as much fun. And getting to eat it? That’s the ultimate reward.

5. Play games. Rainy days are just right for playing games. Choose a few of your favorite board games to play or have fun with card games such as War or Go Fish. Then, add some variety with a few active games, such as Musical Chairs, Simon Says, Twister, Follow the Leader or Freeze Dance.

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