5 useful gadgets for Dad on Father’s Day

5 useful gadgets for Dad on Father’s Day

June 4th, 2013

KelvinBy Phil Hornshaw

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and in searching for the best gifts, you might be thinking about something like a Blu-Ray player or coffee maker. Those are great, but there are lots of dads out there for whom a gadget shouldn’t just be a high-tech toy – it should be a high-tech tool.

Fortunately, there are some awesome gadgets that aren’t just cool or convenient, they’re highly useful. We’ve found five such gadgets for your gift-giving consideration, which are perfect for Father’s Day – or for just buying and keeping for yourself.

Lots of functions, one gadget

Having a toolbox can be handy, but having a single tool that does many things is even better. There are lots of multi-tools out in the world, but the Kelvin.23 All-in-One tool stands apart because it goes beyond just screwdrivers and pliers. The tool includes things like a tape measure, a level and even a hammer. Find it at ThinkGeek and you can also nab 3.5 percent Cash Back.

If you want to get Dad something even smaller and more convenient, Brookstone carries items like the Knife/Scissors Clip Watch, a multi-tool that fits on your wrist, and the Bar10Der 10-in-1 Bartending Tool, a Swiss Army knife for making drinks. Plus, you can get 5 percent Cash Back on your purchase!

If you’re looking to deck out the functionality of Dad’s TV, an easy and cheap way to do it is with a video game console. Both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 are about to get lapped by their next-generation counterparts, which means you can expect to see price drops at Amazon and GameStop, the latter of which offers 2.5 percent Cash Back. The two consoles will be viable for at least a few more years, and, in addition to playing games, they support streaming apps such as HBO Go, Netflix and Hulu Plus. The PlayStation 3 also makes for a very affordable Blu-Ray player.

The ultimate tools: mobile devices

The crazy utility of the modern smartphone means that if Dad doesn’t have one, he probably ought to. The list of useful apps is literally tens of thousands of entries long, but some of the coolest little apps are things like Level and Flashlight that turn your smartphone into the appropriate tool at the moment you need it. Likewise, tablets such as the iPad are great for handling all your entertainment needs, from streaming movies with Netflix to playing tons of games.

There are plenty of places from which to procure tablets and smartphones. Apple offers 1 percent Cash Back, and you can get 2 percent Cash Back from Target, Walmart and Best Buy. Also, try buying gift cards for the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store at retailers you like where you can get a discount, and you can save on the money you actually spend on apps.


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