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4 ways to make travel more comfortable, Spa Travel Gal style

December 27th, 2013
The Spa Travel Gal swears by Costa sunglasses.

The Spa Travel Gal swears by Costa sunglasses.

By Aimee Heckel

Traveling is horribly uncomfortable. In fact, seat discomfort is one of the top traveler complaints, according to a survey by the Transportation Security Administration, Consumer Reports magazine and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Every month we talk to Ava Roxanne Stritt, the Spa Travel Gal, to get her favorite travel tips and inspirations. This month, she offered a few ways to make travel more comfortable, starting with comfy accessories:

1. Costa Del Mar sunglasses.

Have you ever forgotten your sunglasses on a trip and had to buy a junky pair of replacement gas station sunnies? Talk about discomfort (and lack of fashion). Stritt says if you start with Costas, you will never forget them again. Her favorite frame color is pink.

“I love to take catnaps when I have them on, or use them to mask the signs of a fun night the night before,” Stritt says.

Costas are comfortable — and nearly indestructible. Not to mention, these scream fashionable.

Find Costas at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Save money on your next purchase at Dick’s with these coupons.

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 2. Sholdit. 

Some activities while traveling are just not conducive to carrying a purse — so don’t. Instead, Stritt recommends carrying a stylish accessory that functions as both a scarf and hand’s free purse, a Sholdit. Of course, Stritt’s favorite color is hot pink.

3. Kushyfoot Flats To Go. 

Stritt recommends these comfortable flats in fleecy leopard print, of course. Get on the plane and kick off your shoes. Easy on and off makes these shoes great for security checkpoints.

4. OKA-b

When you arrive to your destination, slip on Stritt’s favorite shoes for most any weather or activity. She first discovered these sandals in The Ritz-Carlton Spa boutiques, and now she is also in love with their flats.

“They are the most comfortable real shoes I know,” Stritt says. “How can you beat made in the USA, eco-friendly and dishwasher safe?”

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