4 ways to get your family prepped for the Fourth of July

4 ways to get your family prepped for the Fourth of July

June 20th, 2013

By Aimee Heckel

Chances are, you didn’t get off work for this holiday. Heck, you probably didn’t even know it was one.

Friday was Flag Day, folks. This lesser-celebrated holiday is all about honoring the American flag. We consider it a great day to start getting excited about the Fourth of July.

Want to teach your kids about the flag — and get amped up for the Fourth? Here are four activities to do with your family in the next few weeks.

vintage_because_merica_thats_why_t_shirt-r56da7f4236c445f9bfb77e324b540ebf_8nax2_5121. Go shopping for a special patriotic outfit. This doesn’t have to be cheesy, unless you’re a hipster mom, in which case, you will want to ironically wear a T-shirt of kitties in a basket of flags. Or this “Because ‘Merica” tee from Zazzle.com.

Otherwise, this is what we’re talking about: A girl’s Bonnie Jean Boutique summer patriotic dress on eBay for $22.95.

2. Make patriotic crafts to decorate with for your Fourth of July celebration. Start now and you won’t be in panic mode (or buying flimsy junk from the Dollar Store). Make a string of stars out of construction paper with your kids and let them decorate them with glitter.

Or pick out some patriotic scrapbooking paper, like this Fourth of July paper for only $3 on Etsy, and cut the stars out of this. Saves time and can keep the look more congruent, if that’s your decorating style.

3. Make your own flag. Let your kids design their own flags to hang in their rooms or on their bicycle handlebars.

You can order professionally made custom flags online, too. Pacific Custom Flags sells custom horizontal flags starting at $25 each.

JELL-O_Easy_Patriotic_Flag_Dessert4. Make your own flag — that you can eat. Make a cream cake and decorate it with strawberries, blueberries and vanilla cream or coconut slices, in the design of an American flag.

Here’s a great flag cake recipe from Kraft. This cake is made with angel food cake, whipped cream and fruits — a perfect dessert to ask the kids to help you make, while you warm up the grill for dinner.

Don’t forget your patriotic stars pan from eBay, while you’re feeling sweet.

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