4 ways dads make us laugh -- online

4 ways dads make us laugh — online

June 7th, 2013

iheartdadBy Aimee Heckel

Moms get “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” followed by it’s “What to Expect” sequels, to help them prepare for motherhood. Dads get — um, maybe a cheap rental of the movie “Knocked Up” and a cigar?

There is no universal educational guide to fatherhood. And if you’re looking for it, well, it sure isn’t here.But if you’re looking for honesty, humor and some empathy, these four online destinations are full of it. So, in honor of Father’s Day, we bring you these laughs.

78214471. (Insert naughty word here) My Dad SaysThis tweeter, known on Twitter simply as “Justin,” has more than 3.1 million followers who all want to tune in to the funny stuff his dad says.

For example: “We ain’t a sharp species. We kill each other over arguments about what happens when you die, then fail to see the (explicit) irony in that.”

The feed ended up inspiring a book by the same title, “Sh*t My Dad Says,” available on Amazon.com for $12.28.

Craving more humor like this? Check out Justin Halpern’s (yes, he does have a last name) new book, “I suck at girls,” released two weeks ago. Find “I suck at girls” at Barnes & Noble starting around $10.

2. Dad spoof music videos. 

Does your dad have “Daddy Skills?” “No choking ‘cuz you know I cut the grapes and the blueberries. That’s gangster.” If so, this might be a good anthem to serenade him with Father’s Day morning.

The ’80s-influenced viral Fiat UK video called “The Fatherhood” also hits close to home for many dads — apparently, at least, with millions of views. “You’ve ruined all my favorite clothes and peed inside my bedding. But I know I’ll get my own back when I’m dancing at your wedding.”

3. HowToBeADad.com. Browse this website for informational graphics (like the “Universal Birth Reaction Assessment Tool” — to help medical professionals gauge a dad’s reaction to the process of birth), commentary, experiments and experiences and parenthood. It’s impossible not to laugh. And send at least one link to a friend.

See: “Child Safety” graphic on how to “protect yourself form your child and children” if you’re a man.

4. Dad blogs. Check out Babble’s top 50 dad blogs of 2012. In the top five: The Busy Dad Blog. We especially dig the comic strip, inspired by the blog.

designallLooking for a funny Father’s Day gift? This one’s only for dads with a great sense of humor, but let’s be honest, not everyone can be the best. “World’s okayest dad” T-shirts are available at Zazzle.com for $20.95.

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