3 kitchen gadgets under $20 to make Mom's life easier

3 kitchen gadgets under $20 to make Mom’s life easier

July 22nd, 2013

By Aimee Heckel

When you have kids, it seems like you are constantly cleaning the kitchen — and even then, it’s messed up again before you can wipe up the chocolate Ovaltine dust (that stuff stains grout like a Sharpie). When attempting to fight this losing battle, it’s crucial to enlist every kitchen gadget possible to make your life easier.

Here are a few of our favorite kitchen gadgets under $20 that can help make Mom’s life easier:

unnamed1. The crust-cutter. Before having kids, you would have called this an unnecessary drawer-clutterer and marketing scam. But now that you are aware that children cannot physically touch or even see bread crust or they will instantly die (or so their reaction would indicate), a nifty little crust-cutter can save you some time when you’re knocking out a row of PBJs.

Oh, and since it is also a fact that children will live longer, healthier lives if they eat things shaped like dinosaurs (or so their reaction would indicate), you can make this purchase with no mommy guilt. Find the green EvriHolder DynoBytes sandwich crust cutter at Newegg.com for only $4.95. Check ShopAtHome.com’s Newegg page for the latest and best coupons.

212859_42. The corn kernel-cutterSome kids love to gnaw on a cob of corn like a caveman. Other kids would prefer to eat things that require as little effort as possible. And since corn is one of the few veggies that many kids will actually eat, you want to get as much of it into their faces as possible.

This is a simple gizmo — stick your corn through and it removes the kernels. It saves the mess, but keeping all kernels in a bagel-shaped compartment, and it saves you time. Just $6.45 at BeepBee.com.

3. The pot rack. The baby’s asleep. You’re going to quickly cook dinner during this treasured window of silence. You slide open the oven drawer to pull out a pot and — CRASHSCREECHTHUMP! The worst, loudest sound on earth, the clatter of poorly organized baking sheets and pots, pierces the air. And wakes the baby.

Don’t be That Mom. Organize your pots and get it under control.

P13049212This pot rack is not even $20 at Overstock.com, not even counting the money you will save when you check the Overstock coupons on ShopAtHome.com and take advantage of up to 80 percent Cash Back. That’s not even a typo. With free shipping coupons, this pot rack will cost less than the box of mac-and-cheese you were about to prepare for your family’s fancy dinner experience.

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