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brass knuckle paperweight

This is a great accent piece to your den or office. It also feels good in your hands. A must have for nostalgia purposes.

The Best

I have been a BudK customer for quite a while and have NEVER been disappointed in their service and products. Keep it up!!

grapple hook

I thank you Budk for another item from your list of many that proved to me once again that you provide a good services .

good quality..great pricing..quick shipping..What the heck else could you ask for?

this has got to be one of my favorite catalogs...when I need to make an impulse buy I can get my fix for usually around 10-15 bucks! Also, I was able to cross out half my x-mas list with all kinds of cool stuff. Ya gotta love BudK!


just lovely


very nice look forward to making holiday purchases very soon!

Great Store for a Man!

This site is something that I always rely on for Christmas presents for my husband. I buy him at least 1-2 swords each year to add to his collection and they are very neat and interesting to say the least!