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ABC Mouse
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Direction needed

This program is a seemingly great tool to provide children. I purchased the program for my 4 year old boy...who loves it. Problem is, I don't know how to navigate the site. My son has completed the same activities over and over because I'm unable to guide him to the next learning program. There are certain programs that I'm not even sure what's to be learned or how to explain to my boy what's expected of him to learn. I know there are an array of learning options, but because no instructions were ever given as to know how to use the site I feel as though we're using a fraction of a percent of the site's capability.


Great program


SIGNED up for ABCmouse and joined.. able to use it for about a month...tried to login in one day and it wouldn't except my password..changed my password... then it wouldn't except my e-mail...sent several messages to customer support..told to reset password.. I DID!!!!!STILL CANT LOGIN...just spent about an hour or more and still tells me my password is incorrect...HELP!!!!!!!

Early Learning Academy

 is considered the leading online early education curriculum for parents, preschools and kindergartens with with specific learning objectives in the subjects of reading, mathematics, beginning science, social studies, art and music".

Frustrated mom

I signed up for this ABCmouse and am unable to use it. Is there a trick? I signed up it through the free 30 day trial and after submitting all my information twice it keeps taking right back to the sign up page. Any suggestions?


Great learning program my grandson enjoys learning through the activities.

My son LOVES ABC mouse!

My son LOVES ABC mouse! He is only 2, but he already likes pressing the button that I show him and it's a great way for us to bond and him to learn at the same time. His favorite part is watching the tickets come out after he completes an activity

ABC mouse is a great family tool

We Love ABCmouse in our home!!! My grandson is almost 3, has Cerebral Palsy & just loves his computer time with all the activities on ABCMouse. What a wonderful, exciting, & fun way to learn the basics of so many different subjects. Ryder gets so excited when he gets to push the buttons. Or moves the mouse to where HE wants to go within the lesson, book or music. The rewards encourage him even more. Its a great tool to give your child to help on that educational road, & It makes me feel good to know i have a tool that gives him a head start on so many different levels. THANK YOU ABC MOUSE

If you haven't already, Visit their Official Site, and register for their Free 30 Day Trial..


mi nieta se divierte mucho jugando y aprendiendo

Homeschool here we come

I intend to use ABCMouse as a homeschool aid for my soon to be 5 year old. She's been using it periodically since she was 3 or so. She loves getting tickets and dressing up her avatar. I haven't forced her through the learning path yet, but she knows very well how to navigate through the platform...always finding the coloring section, books and music. I think its perfect as a supplement and even better that its teaching her how to use the computer at the same time reinforcing learning objectives. I also like the price.


Fantastic! My grandchildren really are learning only thing I do not like is that they use the word "DONE" instead of "Finished" after each lesson. "DONE" is used when cooking/baking not after the completion of a project.